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Travel to Morocco is an extraordinary adventure. Morocco is a country that affects all our senses. So what beauty treatments to indulge in and what beauty souvenirs to bring back from a Moroccan trip?

Inspirational Morocco. What to bring back from your trip?

Buying souvenirs from your vacation is always a lot of fun because even the little things you bring back from your trip abroad help you keep your beautiful memories longer. There is a whole list of interesting things that you can bring back from Morocco. So what to choose? Argan oil, which is called the “gold of Morocco”, is a great gift for yourself and for others. Argan trees are a local species, found only in southern Morocco, precisely in the region of Sus. The seeds of these trees are used to produce edible argan oil, which is one of the most expensive oils in the world because it is made the traditional way. Due to its exceptional nourishing, regenerating and rejuvenating properties, the oil is widely used in cosmetics and natural medicine. How can you tell if argan oil is genuine? Natural argan oil is very thick, has a golden yellow color and smells beautifully – intensely nutty. Morocco is definitely the best place in the world to buy this original product. You can get it, among others, at Suki, i.e. Arabic markets, which are the biggest and most popular attraction in Morocco

What beauty treatments to undergo in Morocco?

Steam bath called hammam, is a traditional Moroccan way of taking care of beauty. This ritual usually consists of a session in the sauna, a cold shower, a massage with gloves in a marble bath, washing the skin with a special soap, followed by a full body massage. This “beauty” tradition is aligned with Islamic precepts, which require careful hygiene. Hammam is also a place of total relaxation and one of the few public places where representatives of all social classes and generations can socialize and talk. Moroccan hammams are also places to exchange tips and recipes for maintaining youth and natural flawless beauty.

Argan oil, mentioned earlier, is a cosmetic used in many relaxation treatments. Numerous blends of argan oil have shown women all over the world that it is the perfect product. How it works It deeply moisturizes the skin of the face and body, as well as hair, which is why it is becoming an increasingly common ingredient in many cosmetics.

In Poland, the option of a Moroccan massage is available in many SPA salons. What and how is this extremely relaxing activity performed? The masseur wraps his hands and forearms around the client’s body, putting it in a state of bliss. The movements of the masseur during the treatment are extremely harmonious and the body is pampered with smooth uninterrupted movement.

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Main photo: Taryn Elliott/ pexels.com

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