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young woman tourist in asian hat on the boat at lake

Thailand is a paradise not only for shopaholics, but also for connoisseurs of souvenirs and beauty novelties. What beauty souvenirs are worth bringing back from your vacation in Thailand? And what treatments should you undergo? We suggest!

Thailand is one of the safest exotic destinations, so it is no wonder that first-time visitors to Asia choose this country. Especially since it is truly unique!

Thai massages will steal your heart

Tourists have come to love Thailand for its diversity and ways to take care of their bodies through massages. A type of Thai deep massage is known in this country as “nuat phaen boran”, which translates as ancient classical massage. It is a sequence of techniques that is a combination of acupressure with elements of passive yoga, stretching and reflexology

In the land of massage, as it is called Thailand, almost on every corner we can give into the hands of professional masseurs. They are waiting for customers on the beaches, in the center, where they have with them spread booths and, of course, in professional and certified massage salons or spa resorts connected with hotels

What types of Thai massage are divided into? On the already mentioned classic full body massage, which is at the same time relaxing and energizing, Thai massage with aromatherapy oils, which stimulates the pores of the skin, and Thai massage with herbal stamps. The latter massage is performed with preheated bags made of cotton and filled with a mixture of herbs. Such aromatherapy strongly relaxes the body and has an analgesic effect.

photo: Conscious Design/ unsplash.com

What beauty souvenirs are worth bringing back from Thailand?

The so-called must have from Thailand is tiger ointment. It is considered by many as a magical, Thai “cure for all evil”. You can get tiger ointment in a cooling version, in which case it has a white color and is recommended for mosquito bites. In the version with camphor it is orange and it warms up very well. You can confidently use it for muscle pain and during a cold.

It is also worth bringing Thai natural cosmetics, such as real cold-pressed coconut body oil, cooling aloe vera gel, lemongrass-scented mists, natural soaps or insanely fragrant massage oils.

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Main Photo: zolotareva_elina/ adobestock.com

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