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The prolonged pandemic and lockdown are causing more and more women to give up wearing bras. Previously such a dress could only be accepted at home, but it turns out that a lot of girls want to say goodbye to this part of underwear for good. We asked experts whether the lack of a bra has a negative impact on the shape of breasts and can cause back pain. Find out what are the pros and cons in freeing your breasts

Studies show that 46% of pandemic women forgo a bra at least once a week for comfort. And 2 in 5 women wear a bra for less than 4 hours a day, then go back to a more comfortable option. Is wearing a bra essential or is it just a fashion item that looks beautiful especially in lace?

Experts stress that wearing a bra has many advantages, but the condition is a well-chosen bra to the size of our cup. A very large number of women wear bras that are too small or too large, which can consequently lead to posture defects and then back pain. Not only girls who have a generous shape struggle with pains in the sacral section of the spine. Often our insecurities or complexes we want to mask by adopting an unsupportive posture, which results in equally painful conditions in later years

Is giving up bras a good idea?

It is worth knowing that bras do not have only decorative functions, and their wearing has a specific purpose. When we do not wear a bra we do not have a significant support in supporting our breasts. Unfortunately, it is again important to choose a good model that will not compress our girth, which can contribute to pain and discomfort. If you are already experiencing back pain, you should consult an osteopath or physiotherapist. A good bra can help, but it is not a complete solution to the problem

If you hate walking around in a bra, it is possible that the problem lies in an ill-fitting model that is simply uncomfortable. A bra fitted to the size of our breasts, made of natural materials usually makes us feel great in it. We give support to our spine and give ourselves confidence. Alternatives to traditional bras include sports bras or underwire-free bras

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Main photo: cottonbro/ pexels.com

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