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Beautiful woman washing her face in a white background studio

“Moisture sandwich” is a novelty in the beauty industry that is growing in popularity. On the surface, this method is not significantly different from the several-step skin care recommendations originating in Korea or Japan. However, there is one controversial element, namely starting the facial skin cleansing by washing it with tap water. It turns out that plain water can be great for skin hydration. Check out what a “sandwich moisturizer” is all about

The “Moisture sandwich” method was pioneered on her Instagram by skincare expert Charlotte Palermino, who brilliantly explains how to properly take care of your skin. On her profile, she explains step by step how to implement the “moisture sandwich” into your daily rituals. The influencer’s face looks so fresh and smooth that it’s worth trusting her advice and start cleansing your face by wetting it with plain tap water

“TheMoisture Sandwich – step by step

Start your daily skincare routine by dampening your face with water to help moisturizers penetrate your skin. Then apply a serum with a light formula, for example enriched with hyaluronic acid. The next step is application of a moisturizing cream adjusted to our skin type. The entire process can be completed by applying a natural oil to the face, this step will work especially well for those with dry facial skin

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Main photo: torwaiphoto/ stock.adobe.com

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